Enlightened Vine provides beautifully curated wine tours and private wine tastings in the sun-drenched rolling hills of the Snake River Valley.

Those who wish to experience the burgeoning world of Idaho wine production are invited on immersive wine tours through lovely and charming vineyards just outside of Boise. Taste world-class wines and tour the properties of the award-winning wineries who make them, while guided by a seasoned wine professional. Intimate connections are created with the growers and producers of exceptional wines in southern Idaho, showcasing the heart, soul and passion put into every bottle. Private wine tours throughout the Treasure Valley and Snake River Valley, personalized to the desired experience and knowledge level of your group are available and encouraged.


Why Enlightened Vine

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World-Class Wines

Exclusive access to small-lot, boutique wines sourced locally and from around the globe.

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Wine Education

Discover the art and science of winemaking from grape to glass in a uniquely educational way.

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Wine Adventure

Intimate, immersive and fun! Stroll through the vineyards, and learn how to taste and talk wine while in the company of local vintners.

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Enlightened Vine offers educational wine tasting to hone your palate and cultivate an appreciation for the complexities of producing fine wine.

Learn how tannins and sugars form in the grape and age in the barrel to become a symphony of flavors playing in your glass. Every sip of wine reveals intimate details of the terroir and climate where the grapes are grown and of how they were transformed into wine. There is no better way to experience a region than to taste the fruits of the land and meet the people who grow them. Enliven your senses and taste the story from Vine to Wine on an exclusive wine tasting tour through the vineyards of southern Idaho with Enlightened Vine.

“A person with increasing knowledge and sensory education may derive infinite enjoyment from wine.”

— Ernest Hemingway

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  • I loved Darby’s interaction with the group during our experience even though we were on very different levels of wine knowledge. She opened up my eyes to the world of wine and I now feel more confident when purchasing wine and can speak more intelligently about it when sharing it with others.
    Tonya B.
  • The selection of wines from different regions, the delicious food pairings during our private wine tasting, they were outstanding! Plus, the educational insights and listening to questions from other attendees made it a very enlightening experience.
    Christopher C.
  • I had never experienced a food and wine pairing like this before and was amazed at how the wine can complement the food so well. Darby was awesome about letting us taste then discuss ourselves, then providing her thoughts without there being any right or wrong answer.
    Sandra C.
  • Darby’s level of expertise in wine and hospitality shows with every interaction she makes. Every little detail has been considered to ensure her guests have the best experience possible.”
    Misty P.